Automate dynamic assignees when a status changes

Hi, I’m having a lot of trouble figuring something out that I think should be pretty straightforward.

We are trying to use for some approval workflows. Here’s what I would LIKE to happen:

  1. An item is created with an assignee
  2. An item is updated with “Ready for Review” and that is automatically assigned to our editor. (No problem here.)
  3. When the editor changes the column to Edits Needed, it is automatically assigned BACK to the person who was originally assigned the task.

Step 3 is where the problem lies, because it seems like cannot do dynamic assigning - it can only choose a specific person. I even tried to create a second Assignee column, where the original Assignee would live, so that it would say “When Status changes to Edits Needed, assign (replace) to whoever is in the 2nd Assignee column.” But can’t assign to whoever is in the second column, again, it can only assign to a SPECIFIED person.

Is there a work around to this issue? Or a simple solution I’m not seeing? It’s driving me up a wall.


Hi @BrianQuestions

There is a little app in the marketplace called Status Controlled Groups that does this a part of a larger workflow.


Basically the app moves items to defined groups on status change. You can e.g. have groups like Edit state, Brons state, Solver state, To Review state etc. The second part of the above integration allows you to assign the item to people listed in a people column. Thereby you can have e.g. 3 people columns, lets call them Editors, Reviewers, Assigned To.

An implementation of the integration could be:
When status within group “Silver State” changes to “Pls Review” move the item to group “To Review” and set the status to “To Review”. In addition, copy all people listed in the Reviewers to Assigned To.

When the reviewer has finished he can set the status to “Silver” and an integration like:
When status within group “To Review” changes to “Set to Silver” move the item to group “Silver” and set the status to “Assigned”. In addition, copy all people listed in the Editors to Assigned To.

Sounds complex, but you can build any review / approval system with this simple integration :slight_smile: .