Assignee automation for logged in user


I know there is an automation: When a status changes to something, assign someone as assignee.

What I’d like to be able to do is assign the person who changed the status as the assignee.

The use case here is for our van tracking.

I want to be able for a member of the team to check out a van. When they set the status to checked out, the assignee column should update to themsleves.

At the moment I can’t see a way to set the assignee as the status changer.

Hi, @ben12 - You currently can’t do this with native automations. How many team members could potentially check out a van? If it’s just a handful, I’d make custom statuses tied to each person, and then use the “when status changes to X, assign Y in the People column”.

CO - Dan
CO - Susan
CO - Barry

etc. as your statuses.

hi @ben12

I have an app that does do this for you, currently it is on button click but I can extend it to status change. It takes the userId from the user who clicked the button (not the user who installed the app). The app is working but I need to bring it to production, do the documentation etc, so now is the time to extend it with a status change trigger if you want.

Let me know.

CORRECTION: this can’t be done on a status change as monday does not send the userId form the user who initiated the status change in the trigger.

hi @ben12 I created a little free app for this with the recipe

Feel free to use it as much as you want, it’s free forever :slight_smile:

For more sophisticated recipes (9 and counting) please visit: Downloads Archive | Excellent Team

The installation link is: