Assign to {Person} by {Status} Automation

Currently to automatically assign an item to a person based on a particular status, the user has to create a separate automation for each status.

The “Assign Person by Status” automation would allow a user to associate a person (or team) to each status that would automatically assign the person when any status associated with them is set. So, instead of 8 automations (assuming 8 statuses) I can just associate names to my 8 statuses all within one automation. I think it would be more intuitive and faster.

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I feel your pain. Sometimes the need to make an individual automation for a group of things you feel should be able to be treated collectively can be a real frustration.

There are a few reasons this can occur, but a workaround I like to lean on is our ability to duplicate an automation. When I have a bunch to set up like that, I’ll set up the first, then duplicate from there so I’m only going in and clicking a change of the required label or person instead of setting up the whole thing each time.

Hope this is helpful for you in the meantime! :slight_smile:

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Hi @AdamPruden

The desired functionality can be achieved by integrating MAKE with You can create a scenario that manages the automation logic.

• Trigger:
Set up a trigger based on the event that indicates a change in the status column (e.g., when a status is updated). Module - Get Item:
Use the module to retrieve the item details associated with the triggered event.

• Control - Switch:
Add a Switch control to evaluate the status column value.

• Assign Persons Logic:
Within each case in the Switch control, specify the logic to assign a person based on the status. You can use the “Update Item” action from the module to assign the person to the item. Repeat this for each status.

This way, you create a single scenario that dynamically assigns persons based on their status, eliminating the need for separate automation for each status.

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Also made a feature request for this. I think you mean the automation should recognize your contacts right? Just like the notify automation can recognize who to send an email to based on the people column?

Instead of having to make an automation for each person you automatically want to assign?

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So why dont you vote this up?..

Close, I currently use Peta’s suggestion, but for 10 statuses each related to a distinct person or team, I still have to duplicate 9 times and change both the person/status. It really only saves the relevant status/assignee columns.

I’d like an automation that auto-populates with my statuses for that column and then lets me add the person relevant to that status:

Status | Person
1 | Select Person
2 | Select Person
3 | Select Person
4 | Select Person
5 | Select Person
6 | Select Person

Status | Person
Pending | Diane
Design | Bob
Development | Suzy
Review | Tom
Approval | Dianne
Complete | None

As the status is changed on that column, it would automatically change the assignee based on the mapped statuses. Every time a status is added, the automation should also remind the user to associate a person or choose “No One” as an option.

This is my feature request, I think that is what you need as well: Automation: Assign/change people-column based on another people column - Feature requests - monday Community Forum