Automation email person selected in a form

I’m fairly new to so forgive me if this is really basic! I have a Board that has items created based on input from a form. On the form, I have a dropdown of employees that can be selected for that item. I’d like those people to be notified when they are selected on a form, but none of the automations allow me to do anything with the column that contains those people’s names. I create an automation that says when date arrives, send email to X. Under X my only choices are email (column), team member, people (column), board subscribers, team or guest. How can I get it to offer up the column that’s on my form?

I have a similar issue. Check out this thread it seems to be the only way to do it is through the status column rather than a dropdown.

Hopefully will improve this functionality and allow a people colun to be added to a form as at the moment it feels like a hack.