Assign Person column within form

Use case: Assign a Person column by selecting among board subscribers while a form is being filled out.
Context: A customer contacts a call center. A staff member fills out a Monday form as part of an intake procedure. The staff member can assign person based on the attributes and needs of the customer.
Impact: Currently a staff member fills out a Monday form and then follows up on the board to make the assignment. If several calls are being taken at once it can delay assignment of a pulse.
Workarounds: We are looking into automations but it would be easier to maintain if it could be done through the form itself.

As an update, we have determined a way to do it through automations but it requires five actions for a single assignment.

@sgurell, can you elaborate on the solution you have implemented?

We use a dropdown on the form with a list of staff members to feed a text column. The text column has an automation that triggers assignment to the person column. If we had the ability to assign to a person column on the form we could eliminate a redundant column and use fewer automations. It would also make the assignment more flexible because it would be scoped to board subscribers. In the current workaround you need to adjust the automations each time you add or remove a user from the workflow.

Ah I see what you’re doing. A status column where each person is entered as a status. And then an automation for each person “when a status changes to something, assign someone as the assignee”.

It works but if your team changes, you will need to remember to go back and update the column and automations. It was be nice to not have to do this workaround.