Automation Assign Person based on dropdown column


I am looking to set up a board that would act like a ticketing system for our order fulfilment team. To do this I want a form where the user will select a location from a dropdown, then I want to automate the person assigned based on that choice in the dropdown. For example, some selects option A on the dropdown which Person 1 is responsible for so it would assign it to them on creation.

Any idea on how to do this?


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Looking to automate the same scenario ! Kindly let me know if you have already found a solution.

Yes! This would make assigning tasks soooo much easier!

Hey @andyoungy, @Aneesh, and @PeteA, thanks for posting! At the moment the only automation supported with a dropdown trigger is this one, which will not assign a person:


You could combine this automation with one triggered by a status to assign someone:


Alternatively, you could change the dropdown column to a status column, if the user only has to select one location in your form, and then you could only use this second automation. What do you think? Would that be a good option for you?

Hi ,

Thanks for your suggestion, but it doesn’t solve the problem at hand. what I would want is, if I select a location(Status Column) in the form and based on the location selected assign a person (People column). So basically require an automation that says “When status is something assign a person”.

By doing it the way you suggested, I have to manually change the status or the dropdown, to assign the person. If it said “When Dropdown is something change status” I could have combined both the automation to arrive at the solution.

This might work if the automation picks up on the dropdown being selected when the form is completed and not wait for someone to go in an manually change the dropdown once the pulse has been created. This is what I believe @Aneesh is talking about as well.

It might also work just based on status, rather than dropdown, but how many status options is the Max? I have over 40 locations the user would need to choose from!


We are running into the same issue. We have a drop down with about 40 departments listed and we want to assign their department liaison to the project based on the department selected in the dropdown but there is not automation for it and it can’t be done in a custom automation. Please add drop down to more automations!

Hey @basdebruin - Could your Round Robin app potentially help solve this issue? It’s not a round robin situation exactly. Curious though if your latest app could be a workaround for this one.

Hi @PolishedGeek and others on this thread

I have an app that indeed assigns a person from a team in Round Robin or Random fashion. I can extend this app (or possibly create another one) to assign a person based on a status. Few things to keep in mind and where I need to have an answer to before starting to build this app.

  • Is this always through a form submission? The reason why I am asking is that a form submission will trigger a “create item” event and NOT a “change status”. Therefore the automations advised above will not work as they need to be triggered by a status change. If this is ALWASY though a form submission I can build something like “When new item is created with this status column filled with this state assign this person in this people column”
  • A little bit more complex scenario would be that both the form submission and a manual status value change does the assignment. If needed this can be done also: “When this status is changed to this value assign this person in this person column”, where a new item creation will be checked for the same status to make it work on both “create item” and “change status” events.
  • Keep in mind that you can only assign people that are subscribed to your board (if the board is private or shareable)
  • Do you want to pick the person from the recipe? This will require multiple instances of the recipe to be active on your board (one for each status value / person)

I do understand that it will be difficult to reach consensus through a forum like this but let’s give it a try.

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hi @PolishedGeek

I noticed your reply on Auto assign depending on a status value. Isn’t that helping the people on this thread too?

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Yep, it may indeed be a workaround for this too, @basdebruin! :slight_smile: Thanks for connecting those.