Assign People based on Status- Creating multiple Assignees


I have a form and want to create an automatic assignment to a person. To do this i am using the status column and setting the values to the team members names. I than created the automation to change the Name - as Replace/Assign and it works fine. Until someone else add’s and entry. That user is being assigned, along with the original person assigned. Any help would be apprecaited

Hey @kenhagemann ! To clarify, a person is assigned based on the status change - correct? But you’ve also created an automation to replace/re-assign someone? Would you be able to send over a screenshot of the recipes so I can take a closer look? Thanks!

Hello, I am trying to ensure that the person completing the form is assigned as the owner (people). I have created a Wf that does this, however there are instances where the creator is not identified. The board is private and all users have access to the board. We log in via SSO, so my assumption is that the creator can be identified. Are there instances where the creator can not be used ?

Outside of that if I create a new column, from the from , that layers in the submitters name, is there a way that I can create a WF that automatically crosses references the names and populates the people column.

Thanks for clarifying this for me! So I am assuming based on the status chosen, this assigns the relevant person to the people column? As such, I don’t believe there should be issues in assigning the form submitter. Is it possible to share a screenshot of the recipes you have set up to achieve this?

Alternatively you can use the creation log column to identify the form submitter, however it sounds like based on your workflow, you need the people column populated?

As for your question, I have looked into integrations/apps we have available and I am struggling to think of a way that we can achieve this cross reference, unless the form submitters name populates a dropdown or status column to then trigger the assignment to the people column - which I believe you have already set up?