When Status changes to DONE, Remove "Assignee" from People

I love that I can auto-assign a person aka assignee, to a task when I create it the item.

I’d like to be able to do the same in reverse: when I change a Status to Done, the automation clears the Person column, to empty.


Great thought - I’d love to pass this onto our product team for review - any other ideas that might be of similar nature?

Look forward to hearing from you!

YES @lauraglev!!!

We’d like to automate who IS assigned next, based on status.

Example Use Case:

1 - We have an internal status column (with a lot more detail than our customer facing statuses), one of these is Ready for Testing.
2 - When this status is achieved in internal status it triggers a testing status change (maybe Internal Testing or similar).
3 - When this occurs, we’d like to make the Currently Assigned person field on the item reflect someone we’ve identified as a tester or team of testers. without having to teach people to remember to make that update when they remember to make the status update while they remember to record their testing results.

This would help us narrow down notifications to those assigned next which is critical to making Monday’s notifications useful (in some areas). Too many notifications is worse than none at all (many times).

We have lots of similar use cases (like content review and other workflow based tasks).

Thanks for logging this @cwiassoc!

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Get @straister

Can you send us a screenshot of the board that you’re using the manage the use case above so we can take a look at how you have it set up so far?


We don’t have a board set up this way yet, but the example concept would be tester columns, reviewer columns etc (which can be set up at the onset of a project or pulse). The “Next Up” or “Currently Assigned to” column would be updated (based on the combination of Status and People column.

Please let me know if that clears this up any?


Yes! I would love to be able to change assignee based on status. I have to do everything manually now. For example, I use my boards for product management (marketing). So I will have one item and a column for product testing, purchasing, marketing and so on. I don’t want to have to have multiple people columns too. It would be nice to assign the first person and process in the project, then when he changes the testing status to done, it assigns me to project and I can update the marketing status. Then when I mark as done, it assigns our purchasing dept to take it from there.
Currently, I get notifications for EVERY thing so I don’t miss what I am supposed to do…
Basically, our New products team is using Monday.com like a PLM or PIM system…the board is huge and linked to so many things I have to have my own board just so I can digest the information for my team.

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Great idea. I want it too.

yes!! @lauraglev!

We use the attached automation and steps 1. and 2. of what @straister mentioned. However, the newly Assigned person does not know what column under their To-Do is necessarily associated with them because we have this new status that may have a different due date.

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