Unassign when issue is set to done

A suggestion for an automation is to automatically un-assign people from the Person column (or un-assign multiple persons) when the status column is set to done.

This way the overview of ‘all issues assigned to me’ will be an correct overview without a lot of Done issues in the list. (Users forget to un-assign issues when they set them to done).


Hey @Eltjo! Thanks for sharing this! I’m curious to hear more about your use case here. Usually when there’s ownership to a task and it’s marked as done, there’s a feeling of accomplishment when seeing a long list of “green” :green_heart: When creating your overview, what do you want to see there at a glance? Also, what are you using to create your overview? Also, if you don’t want to see anything marked as done, what about using the auto-archiving automation?

Looking forward to hearing your response! :smile:

Hey Galit,

Thanks for your reply. Best way to describe why I asked for this feature is because of when you are searching for an overview to see all the issues assigned to a person. I know two ways:

  1. the link ‘I’m assigned to’ within the quick searches.
  2. In My week setting use the 'Show assignments without a date" (see image 1)

When you do not un-assign issues this list will show a lot ‘Done’ items (see image 2). I know a lot of people do not un assign, which make these lists less useful, which is a shame.

The reason not to archive the Done items straight away is because of the fact that it is indeed to create a feeling of accomplishment when seeing this long list of “green”, also because this makes Done items easily findable within the board. Hope this helps a bit to understand my question.


In My week setting use the 'Show assignments without a date" (see image 1)

I didn’t even know this was an option in My Week! Thanks @Eltjo!! I love it but seeing the long list I have yes, it could get quite confusing if there were some marked as Done.

Maybe the best solution is that the “Show assignments without a date” be updated to “Show assignments without a date that are not marked as done (per the column permissions).” I added that last caveat because we use N/A as a “done” label on some boards.

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Hey Krishele, that is a great idea and would possibly be even better. Specially when you have the ability to determine what status should behave as ‘done’ (just like when you connect the dat to the status column on a board).

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Hi @Eltjo and @Krishele, I feel the same need you do: a personal to-do list.

I would like to keep assignments though, because it is sometimes convenient to see who completed a task at first glance, although pulse history would reveal that information if you’d dig for it.

Krishele proposed a modification of the “Show assignments without a date” in My Week. Thanks for that, I wasn’t aware of this option. To filter out all the done pulses might be a workable solution.

I created a feature request that would solve the to-do list problem by making Search Everything more powerful. Would that be useful to you?

Best regards, Bart

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I do agree: I think that when you put the “Done” status, it should vanish from both " My week" and the “my tasks” widget on the dashboard.
I do see the point of having the sight of what’s been done (both for motivation and for control reasons) but it gets confusing when you have so many tasks. And if I archive it, I lose the history view of the group/board/project.
In my company we decided to only archive done projects. Since we dividi the groups as differente stages of the project, collapsing them makes it easy to not look at a past stage on the day to day work but it makes it tricky when you use “my week”.
I have been trying to use the To-do list on the dashboards, but that only works for what isn’t already contemplated on the public project so I don’t duplicate anything.
For motivational reasons, nothing is better than the Llama farm, in my opinion. :llama:


This automation would be helpful to me as well.

I’ve never had a use case where one pulse/item was assigned to only one person (except private tasks but those aren’t for the team anyway).

On our boards, each person is assigned a particular column for an entire board based on their role. Once one person completes a phase they assign it to the next phase/person.

So the first person will never have the satisfaction of seeing “a long list of green” with their name; the last person will, but they will also have the repetitive task of u-assigning themself because it was a team effort.



somewhat related to a feature request I also proposed, but in Dashboards. I like yours Foobart.

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