If people column is not assigned in so many days, notify someone

Looking to find the best automation to complete the following.
"If a people column is not assigned in 3 days from when the item was created, notify someone."
I am close, but can’t find an exact automation to cover this scenario. Any insight would be appreciated!

hi @vinceknueven

couple of options that I think you have here.
I’m sure you will need to have a ‘assignment-due-date’ column and hook up this automation set ‘some days’ to 3:

Then I think you have 2 options
Option 1:

  • default ‘people’ column assignment to some manager, or someone who should be making the assignment, (but isn’t actually gonna be the assignee doing the task)
  • Set a custom automation: When ‘Date Arrives’ and ‘People’ is assigned to ‘manager’ notify someone

Option 2: in this case you don’t have to default the ‘People’ column to some manager
instead add a ‘Assignment status’ column and then set up 2 custom automations

  1. When ‘People’ is assigned then change ‘Assignment status’ to ‘Assigned’ {or some similar value you set}
  2. When Date Arrives AND assignment status = “Not Assigned” {or some other default value you set} Then Notify Someone

Personally I prefer Option 1 as that actually gives someone the repsonsibility to change the assignment owner, but hopefully one of those will work for you!



@timlittletech Thank you for this. I will attempt both and see which one works out better for our team. Your thoughts and insight are much appreciated.
Thank you,

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right on! good luck, and let me know which one ends up working the best for you! Or if you go with a different approach