Select a People column to act as "Assignee" column, allowing for more function from additional people columns

Just like you can select if a date column should act as a deadline, I would like to select if a People column should act as an “assignee” Column.

Currently, any and all People columns result in pulling items through to My Work.

There are use cases for People columns that act as “cc’s” or work on automation. i.e. “Notify the person in the Account Manager column if the Status changes to Stuck.” In this case, the Account Manager might not have a deliverable or task due on this item, but they should be notified and pulled in if the person becomes stuck.

Currently, if someone is assigned in the theoretical “Account Manager” column, this item pulls through to their My Work, thus cluttering up the view of their actual deliverables or current tasks.

If we could designate which people column should trigger a pull into My Work, this would unlock all sorts of automation opportunities.