Mute People-columns not meant for assigning tasks

A mute button for the people column so you can have people columns for other purposes than assigning.

Use case
At the moment our boards have manually created status columns with names in them to keep track of who requested an item, stakeholders of an item, or who has a specific function in a board. In those cases we dont use the people column because it assigns, sends a notification and creates items in the My Work view. We use those columns only specifically for assigning.

In hindsight this made the boards maintanance unfriendly because you have to manually add people in those columns. The people column would be a lot more useful, also now with the forms if it didnt automatically function like an assigning column. Muting the board notifications will also mute the assigning columns so thats not an option.

We are having a similar issue. Here’s an example:

People Columns:
Assigned To
Stakeholder Type 1 (ex. Project Manager)
Stakeholder Type 2 (ex. Developer)
Stakeholder Type 3 (ex. Sales)

I want all project notifications to go to “Assigned To,” but I want to mute notifications for the 3 stakeholder columns. Then I can get really fancy and start assigning teams and sub-teams without blasting out dozens of unwanted notifications :slight_smile: .


Another vote here - we also use a people column to capture who requested an item and to link project manager with all tasks on some board for traceability, or where we have restricted editing rights to only the project manager. The problem is that my work for those people is then cluttered with all sorts of items which they do not need to actually take action for. Being able to exclude some columns from notifications and inclusion in my work would be really helpful

Hey since there arents many votes yet, maybe you can add one in this same request as well?; Select a People column to act as “Assignee” column, allowing for more function from additional people columns - Feature requests - monday Community Forum

I saw that one was linked after I voted on this one - have voted on that one too