Column for referencing users without "assigning"

I’m trying to create a board containing the list of project staff, each item being a person.

The problem I have is that the board is private (it contains some sensitive information) and when I want to reference the user account for each item (with a People column), I can’t do that because the users I’m referencing do not have access to this private board.

As I understand, the People column is for “assigning users” to the items. But what about just referencing users to the items? I can’t seem to find a suitable column for that. Am I missing something?


You are correct. The people column is for assigning persons to the item and to be able to do that the person needs to be subscribed to the board.

There is no column that just holds a user without assigning that person to the item. Can’t you use a text column if you only want the name of the user?

Sure, I’m already using the item name for the person name. It just would be useful to have the corresponding user account attached in the same row. People column value displays a nice popover box for the account when hovered, with larger picture, contact details and such.

Having this would be much better then just a plain text name value, especially for company/project directory-kind of boards. Basically, user account is one of the most important parts of any work-related data structure but with this approach, we can only access it with the People column, as a task/relation assignment feature. Being unable to set accounts to items as basic data points is really frustrating…

You can create a new board, invite all the project staff, make the assignments, then uninvite the project staff. Their assignments will remain.


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Either @basdebruin’s suggestion of using a Text column or @viverito’s suggestion of inviting then disabling users would work well here!

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