Zapier x Monday: Assigning person column

Continuing the discussion from Need Help – Assigning a person through zapier:

Goal: Create specific tasks in dedicated board grouped by and based on status change in another board.

  • Successes
    • Create group
    • Create (different) assignments
    • Connect assignment to project
    • Create due date
    • Create dependency in item to other item in group (reason I’m using Zapier rather than Monday’s own automations to create items)
  • Challenges
    • Assign correct person to assignment
  • Questions
    • Am I doing any of this the right way (perhaps the whole premise of my Zapier automation is flawed or can be done differently)?
    • How do I correctly tag people columns in Zapier automations for target created item?


  • For each item in a project board (content creation),
  • When one of the status columns (“Copy”) changes to “On track”
  • Create Group in Assignments board named after the item that’s On track
  • Create set of connected tasks in Assignments board within that new group
  • For these assignments, among other values, assign a “Point” person based on their designation in the Project item


  1. Manually change ItemX’s Copy (status) in Project board to “On track”
  2. Automatically create (via Zapier) assignment in Assignments board called “Draft [itemX]” and assign it to ItemX’s Writer (Project people) using Point (person)
  3. Automatically create (via Zapier) assignment in Assignments board called “Edit [itemX]” and assign it to ItemX’s Editor (Project people1) using Point (person)


  • Using Project people column in automation same way as I did all other values doesn’t work

  • Zapier can’t recognize people columns in original board (I think) and shows this error in testing:

Invalid value for {“personsAndTeams”=>[{“id”=>nil, “kind”=>“person”}]} on MultiplePersonColumn. invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column. Guide to Changing Column Values

  • Tried troubleshooting (which is how I landed on this topic’s linked item) but came up short
    • I created a Monday board listing each user and their userID
    • In Zapier, I failed to call up the specific userID based on the ItemX’s Writer people column and instead got a list of all users
    • Regardless, even if I got the correct ID, I couldn’t figure out how to input that ID into a formula so that the Create item automation (“Draft ItemX,” for example) would work with assigning the Point person.

Alternatives I want to avoid

  • Using additional dropdowns and status columns in the Project board and mirroring them on the Assignments board, I am able to use Autoboost to assign the item in Assignments correctly and it works
    • But scaling that across the team will mean about 10 automations on each board (5 people—for now, anyway—with potential to exist either as Writer or as Editor in Project board, hence: 5x2=10 automations per board)
  • Manually assigning Point in the assignments board will negate the point (no pun intended) of automating these assignments from the Project board to the Assignments board.
  • Creating a board for each person (and doing away with a single Assignments board) to which I can send relevant assignments will negate the point of grouping the items within the Assignments board so that all relevant assignments of a given project (from the Project board) are in one place

Additional context that might be useful

  • Outline in Zapier

Have you tried adding a step to get the user’s id number? I don’t know if something like that is in Zapier but that seems to me what it wants instead of the name in text.

If you can’t get user details, create a zapier table with all the monday users and their ids. then pull the right id from the table.

Made a little progress but still hitting a wall: Was able to successfully parse the user ID of the person I want to assign from a separate board I made for user IDs

Using a “get value” grab in Zapier

And it fails at the point of input into the person column in the create item zap: have tried different variations based on other threads I found online and none work

Thanks @ChrisBuna ! Was actually just typing out an update around the suggestion you made — feels like I’m getting closer but it’s not passing a test yet.

have you tried taking the column values text instead?

Not really an option? The options are “value” which brings the number (userID) and the other is “text” which brings “text” as the value. The only option that serves a value is “User ID,” which is the column where I noted the actual user IDs for each person in the board.

Thanks again @ChrisBuna — figured it out!

  • The solution was doing what I did with a separate board for userIDs and looking it up there BUT not doing so in Monday but in Google Sheets.
  • Difference as far as I can tell is that the value returned in a lookup from Monday throws “” around the userID but doing that same in Google Sheets returns the userID clean without “”. That seemed to make all the difference for Zapier.
    Thanks again for your help!
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For the column called User Id, what type of column did you use?

If you used a number column, try using a text column.

Have you tried reaching out to monday support?

Chris Buna
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