Assign person, who has changed the value of a specific column

Like the Automation “Assign Creator” I need an automation that assigns exactly that person to a person column, who has changed the value of a specific other column.

When can I count on a solution?

Hi RWienen

We’ve done this in Integromat for a customer. I know this is a workaround, but maybe you will give it a try. Integromat is free for 1000 operations. If you want you can make an account over this Link then you can test the premium version for one month for free.

I can explain it to you:

  1. Add a monday Watch Events module

  2. Add a Integration to => “When any column changes” and add the Webhookadress from the Watch Events on step 1.

  3. Add a “Update Column Values of a Specific Item” and configure like that

Board ID: Here you have to choose the board
Item ID: Use the pulseId from the first module, because you want the edit the item which has triggered the automation.
Then you have to select the person column in which the editor should be placed. Then select person and use the “userId” from the first module. This is the id of the person which has edited the item.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best Regards from Switzerland :switzerland:

Hi Simon,

thank yo so much! This is a really cool solution for the moment. I will use it, but in Zapier, just because I have an account there.

Meanwhile I hope that the guys at are still thinking about to implement this directly into monday.

Best regards

Hi Roland

No problem :slight_smile: Yes zapier should also working but integromat is so much easier to use and it’s also much cheaper. You better not try integromat, because then you want to switch from zapier so as we did :rofl:

And yeah i hope also monday will build something with the custom automation.

Best Simon

hi @RWienen

There is a little free app that presents itself as a workflow block for custom automations. It van be installed through this link Where Teams Get Work Done

Whatever the trigger is, the action will assign the person whop initiated the trigger in the given people column.