Assigning Multiple People to to People column via Integromat

Hello everyone! I am building out an Integromat scenario and running into an issue with setting the people column with multiple people.

Some background. I am taking some column values from one board and updating to another board. I am listing the board contents of the old board, setting up an iterator to loop through the array of people and update the people board column on the new board.

The problem I am having is with each iteration, the people column is overwritten with the next person in the array. When I don’t use an Iterator it only assigns the first person in the column and disregards the others.

Any thoughts on how I can get all the people assigned properly?


Hello @mark.anley,
I’m not very conversant with Integromat but with my programming knowledge, what I can say is that, if the next item in the array is over ridding the previous item, what it means is that, the variable that stores the value is in the loop so on every iteration, it’s value will be updated with the new one. If you can take the variable outside of the loop, that might solve your issue.
Hope this helps.

Thanks @kolaai - makes sense. I think the issue is the update call just overwrites what is there with the new value, I need to be able to append to the column or find a away to send all the people into that column at once. I havent found a way to to that.

I guess the problem is related to how the Monday component is designed in Integromat.
Based on Monday API you should be able to assign multiple persons at once by passing a concatenation of user IDs as a string:
Switch to “raw” content in Integromat field and use a comma-separated string.

I mean this command when I say switch to “raw” content.

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 15.50.47

Yes, if you can append to the existing column values, that will be great. Looking at the api, I think it is possible. Another option is, before updating the column, query the column to get the existing data and then attach the new person data you want to add and update the column. This will override the existing column data but this isn’t a problem, because with this override, you are maintaining the existing column values in addition to the new data you will to add.
Hope this helps

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Did you get it working?

Sorry I didn’t get to this post earlier… the easiest way to add a list of people to a people column would probably be to use an array aggregator module to put them all in an array then use the monday GraphQL Query module to call the change_simple_column_value() mutation to update the column.

If you need more help, DM. It’s pretty straight forward.

Also, it is possible to create the array in the monday people column format and write it with the old mutation. But, it would me more work.

Jim - The Monday Man


Just to add on to this, it is definitely possible :slight_smile: I’ve actually used Integromat for something very similar, and I just used the column values section of the People column I want to update with different collections:

That seems to have worked quite well for the use case and provided a merged/general people column out of multiple individual people columns. Either way, let us know if you were able to find a solution, so curious!



I would assume that method will only work with a fixed number of people being written. Have you tested to see what happens if you add the same person multiple time?

Thanks @AlexSavchuk - however I dont have a fixed number of people. I am working with @JCorrell to get this scenario working. Appreciate the inputs.


Sure :slight_smile: My scenario will simply take the IDs that are part of the people columns that I query, and send all of the IDs as an array. It doesn’t matter whether I have 1 person assigned to a column, or more than 10. The collections are simply referring to each of the original People columns where the IDs are stored.

I hope you are able to find a solution that will do the trick for you in your use case!


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