Multiperson column data structure - Make Intergration

I am trying to make a integration with, where i update the multi-person column from one item to another, but i cant seem to find the data structure to input the multiple teams and persons into the column
i have looked at the Guide to Changing Column Values
but i cant seem to find the datastructures of the different column types?

Hi @NicklasL ,

To update a multi-person column in using their API, you need to understand the data structure required for the column. The documentation is a good resource, but it might not provide detailed information about specific column types like the multi-person column

Here’s an example of how you might structure the data for updating a multi-person column:

mutation {
change_column_value(board_id: your_board_id, item_id: your_item_id, column_id: “your_column_id”, value: “{"personsAndTeams":[{"kind":"person","id":123456789},{"kind":"person","id":987654321}]}”) {

You can also do this using

you can easily create automated workflows that connect with other apps and services. For example, if you need to update multi-person columns in ,
allows you to define the data structure required for the column and automate the process of transferring data between systems

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Hey Nicklas

We can assist you with that. We can transform the data types as per the structure and make it a successful run.

Thank you very much! i will try it out

Do you also have a solution for the Timeline Data-structure as in this request?

Or maybe a way for me to figure out the data-format myself :smile:

i already make it using, but because i use dynamic board mapping i couldn’t use the build in columntype mapping.
And therefore need to send the JSON string as you added

Hi @NicklasL ,

You can try the json like this


It gives me a milestone

If you need any implementation support kindly contact us

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Yes we can add multple person in one column using array data sturrute this will require some modifcton in the scenario.