Timeline structure for subitem Integromat


I want to fill in a timeline on a newly created subitem but I can’t find how the structure works with subitems. I was able to do it wit a item, because it gave me the option to select the column and then gave two input fields.

But with subitems I’m not able to select a colmun. I found the colomn ID (timeline) but I can’t figure out how the structure works

I already tried a couple of things I found online but I keep getting this error : The operation failed with an error. [200] invalid value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column. API v2 Documentation [ Error Code: ColumnValueException / Error Details: {“column_value”:"“value”: “{“from”:“2021-06-14”,“to”:“2021-06-152021-10-15”,“changed_at”:“2021-02-04T13:03:05.221Z”}”",“column_type”:“TimelineColumn”} ]

Hi @seppe, welcome to our community!

Happy to take a look here.

Hmm I’m wondering if you’re passing in these values using JSON formatting as described in our API documentation here?

If not, this might be the problem.

Try it out with this structure, something like:


Let me know if this still doesn’t work for you!

Hi thanks for the quick reply!

I tried this! But to be honest I’m not really familiar with JSON. But I should paste this in the value input field right?

But if I do this then I get this error:

Hi @seppe!

Ahh apologies. We actually recently (very recently, as in last week) made a change to our date-time formatting that would affect the value you’re inserting into your module.

If you check out my update here, you’ll see that the date-time values now need to be in accordance with ISO8601.

Do you mind swapping out the date-time value to be ISO8601 compatible to see if the query works then? I think a simple converter platform from a quick Google search will give you the format.


It doesn’t seem to work…

I don’t have any problems to do it with dates but only with the timeline. I’m not sure but I would think it would have something to do with the structure of timeline value…

Hi @seppe!

Apologies for the delay, I was checking this with our team.

It seems this formatting should work: "\timeline\":{\"from\":\"2019-06-03\", \"to\":\"2019-06-07\"}"

Do also make sure to click on the “map” toggle button here:

Also, just to confirm: the column Ids you’re pulling are the correct ones, right? The ones you see after toggling on Developer Mode in your monday.labs area?


Hi @seppe!

Since it’s been a while since we last heard from you, I’m going to mark Alex’s last comment as the solution. This thread will proceed to close within 7 days.

If this issue is still persisting for you, feel free to comment on this thread before then or start a new topic.


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