Create a Subitem Integromat feature

Trying to play with the “Create a Subitem” integromat feature. Unfortunately there is no documentation that I can find. I want to create a subitem and populate some of it’s columns. In this feature there is an “Array of column values to change” but I don’t know if that’s the ‘destination subtitem’ values or something to do with the parent item. I can’t seem to get any proper list of the subitem columns in this area of the function.

If this isn’t how to do that, How would I update values in the newly created subitem as part of the same scenario?


This module is not a built out as the other modules. Hopefully, Integromat will fix this. In the meantime, to write the values inside this module, you will have to specify the column name and column type for each column you want to use.

There are two ways I use to get the column names. If you have the “developer mode” turned on, you can see the column name when you click the down arrow of the column on your board. The second way is to us the “Update Column Value of a Specific Item” module to access the subitems board.

You could, of course, also use the previously mentioned module to update the new subitem after you have created it.

I turned on developer mode in monday.labs. But I still don’t see where i get column names. Everything still looks the same

Oh, I see. It’s really grey. Thanks

How much hair have you lost figuring all this stuff out LOL?


LOL, none… lost most of my hair by the time I was 30. Just good genetics.


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