Integromat - beating head against the wall assigning people

Using a JotForm submission as the trigger, I successfully:

  • Create a board
  • Create a group on that board
  • Create an item in that group
  • Add a column to that board, Title = People, type = People

I just want to assign a person to that item. I successfully

  • Get a User

In the Create An Item module, I assign a user to the Array of column values to change. The scenario runs fine, but the column value in Monday does not, in fact change. There is a column for people - great - but it’s not populated.

I’ve tried adding the module Update Column Values of a Specific Item and changing that item/column to a specific user, but no go.

Thanks for any advice.

Hey @rocketscience – welcome to the community.

Is there a specific error you’re receiving, or is the data just not appearing in the column? Can you share how your module is configured?

I just tested it and was able to successfully add a new item with the user populated. Here’s what my configuration looks like:

Hey thanks so much for the reply. I…don’t have the same array inputs that you do? What on earth am I missing?

Hey @rocketscience – that is strange indeed. Can you double check you’re using the “create an item” module in the “ v2” app?

We don’t maintain the connection in Integromat (the Integromat dev team built and maintains it) so I’m a little limited in the amount of insight I can give here. But happy to try and figure this out with you as much as I can.

Can you record a video clicking through how you’ve got the module configured?

Really grateful for your attention. In fact here’s a Loom I recorded this morning for Alex, a support guy at Integromat. See anything helpful?

Hey! I know what’s happening :slight_smile:

When you click the little dropdown for column IDs, the module looks up the columns on the board listed in the “board ID” field.

However, because your board ID isn’t explicitly set, this returns a blank list (the module doesn’t know which board to look up).

As a workaround, can you try adding a temporary board ID to configure the module, and then replace the ID with your mapped value after configuration?

I don’t fully understand. You’re saying I can’t dynamically map to the board ID I’ve created in an earlier module in the same scenario?

What kind of temporary board ID would I use? If I type something for board ID - the name of the board - it returns a runtime 200 error: RuntimeError

[200] [{“message”:“Parse error on “group_id” (IDENTIFIER) at [1, 53]”,“locations”:[{“line”:1,“column”:53}]}] / Details:

Do you mind recording a Loom if it helps? I feel like I’m the thick headed dolt missing obvious stuff. Thanks again.

@rocketscience – I think you can, but the Integromat interface doesn’t make it easy to…

Here’s a loom video explaining what I’m doing:

Dude thank you so much. And, still not working like it does for you. Not expecting you to keep at this with me forever, if you see something here that helps I’m so grateful.

Hey @rocketscience – so strange! Honestly, not sure how much more I can help here. I’d send this troubleshooting over to the Integromat team to see if they can help.

If they come back to you with any further details (or a resolution), post it on this thread; happy to help as best we can.

Dude thank you so much for your help. I’ve shared this conversation with my support contact at Integromat too. If I find a solution I’ll come back to this thread for sure. Thanks again for being generous with your time and skills.

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Of course! That’s what we’re here for. Do let us know :beer:

Alex at Integromat stayed patient and, hate to say it, a browser refresh seemed to set everything straight. Should’ve considered that earlier. If you’re here from the future, refresh your browser if things are misbehaving. As usual. Thanks!

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Holla, I just tackled this one over the weekend, it had me stumped… the API doc gave me allot of clues…


Good Luck, give me a yell if you cant get it to work. or i have it all wrong and I’m answering the wrong question haha :slight_smile:

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