Integromat - how do I return all Items and not use Item ID

Hi everyone,

I want to use Integromat to help me update fields in Monday, since automations don’t support what I need.

In short, I have a formula column which outputs a result. I want to check this result and then update a status column. My idea is that I use Integromat to get the result of the formula column, and then update the status column.

I have tried to start with Integromat and did the following:

  • Setup “Watch Items Column Value” trigger in Integromat
  • Added the connection correctly
  • Selected the board correctly
  • Item ID is where I get the issue - I don’t want to select the items, in fact I want to monitor all items - how do I do this? If I don’t select an item I get an error. When I look in Map then there isn’t an obvious way.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Hi @Jason_FuzzyLogic
I am somewhat new to using integromat, but the way I understand the ‘Watch Items Column Value’ trigger is that it looks at a given item, so I’m thinking this trigger won’t work for your use-case. There is an automation in monday to call a webhook based on column change

Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 3.51.17 PM

The one issue here is that formula is not a valid trigger for the automation. But assuming there is a different column that triggers this change you could set the webhook trigger based on the other column. e.g. numbers column or whatever else the formula is based on

If there are multiple columns which could change your formula, then you could set up the same webhook automation for each column that affects your formula.

Then once you have these webhook automations you would use those as your trigger in integromat instead of the “Watch Items Column Value”.

Obviously you still have to figure out the integromat sequence to read your formula and update to the proper status based on that range. But hopefully that gets you started

Again, you may want to look for someone with more experience, but the webhook seems to be better trigger for this case.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Jason_FuzzyLogic - I think this is possible in Integromat but it may need to be approached differently We have set up similar things in Integromat before so with a little more info we should be able to assist. @timlittletech offered a solution with Webhooks however this requires custom API development to implement.

If you would like to research this more feel free to contact me further here via DM, or and please do check us out online to find out more!


Hi @Jason_FuzzyLogic - Did you get things going on the right path with Integromat? If you still need help, we have automation experts on our team who can help you fix any issues you may be having. Integromat + monday․com = amazing things :slight_smile:

Feel free to book a chat with us: Book Polished Geek: more with

Hi @Jason_FuzzyLogic!

Amazing help from our community folks. Take a look at any of these amazing suggestions and let us know if you have any followup questions.

Personally I would most likely go for the Webhooks suggestion, however this may consume quite a few actions.

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