monday/Integromat Webhook How To (was: Integromat watch board constantly claiming updates)

I’m new to Integromat. I’m using the “Watch Board” function as I want to update one field in a row based on a value from another field in the row if the row has changed.

I have it running every hour, but Integromat seems to think the data is changing in every row on every scan. I’m not sure if it’s an integromat or monday issue. Is Monday updating data behind the scenes on rows that would make Integromat think there is some change in a board even though nobody is logged in or using it?

Because of that my field update is updating every row (which in this case, because it’s merely a copy is no big deal), however that’s 14 ‘updates’ which counts as 14 “actions” in integromat which will blow through my monthly allocation.

Hi @mchinsky!

What is the Integromat module that you’re using? Is it “Watch Board’s Items”? Or something else?

If it’s the “Watch Board’s Items” module, this module will be trigger each time an item is created or updated, regardless of which of the item’s columns was updated.

In this case, it might make more sense to utilize the “Webhooks” Integromat module instead. This will give you more customizability to create a more specific webhook that will only trigger once a specific column has been changed. Is this what you’re asking about?

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The method I would probably use is the one Helen suggested. If you are looking to update a column every time another changes this is probably the best solution. Otherwise, maybe you could give us more details on the specifics of your use case so we can give you an answer that is more suited to your situation.

I do have situations where I save a copy of a column’s value and then process on a scheduled basis (usually nightly) those items that have had changes. It all depends on the details of what you are wanting to accomplish.

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Yes I was thinking about the webhooks option which is more of a real time integration. The problem is I can’t find a single blog, post here, or video on how to use webhooks specifically with Integromat &

Do you guys know any links? If you are consultants, there is definitely some good google search positioning awaiting you on this topic.

Also, while I have your attention, whats the syntax in the filter to say only where a field has no data? Best I could figure out was where length >0. I would think there is something like ‘not null’


I’ll do a quick answer on how I do monday/Integromat webhooks:

  • Get to monday board on one tab. (m)
  • Get to Integromat scenario editing on another tab. (I)
  • I: Add Custom webhook module from Triggers section of Webhooks.
  • I: Go to setting of the new module. Click Add. Change name to “any name that makes sense to you”; Click Save.
  • I: Click copy address to clipboard.
  • m: Click integrate.
  • m: Click + Add new integration.
  • m: search “web”; click on webhooks.
  • m: select appropriate recipe.
  • m: click Use another account.
  • m: paste clipped address into Webhook url; click Connect.
  • m: complete webhook recipe definition.
  • m: do whatever is needed to trigger activation of newly added integration recipe.
  • I: Click OK. Complete creation of scenario.


Use “Does not exist”.

So are you saying that is the same thing as saying the field is blank?

@mchinsky, that is correct.

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Thank you for jumping in here @JCorrell!

That was an extremely comprehensive set of directions for setting up webhooks for

@mchinsky let us know if you have any other questions!

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Yes thanks so much @JCorrell !

So I tried your steps and got this to work, awesome!

So when I put a value in an email field, it copies that value to a text field (due to an automation bug I need to work around)

When I add a value to the source field and when I change it, it works.

However… When I hit the x to delete the value of the field (it’s an email source field), it triggers the webhook but does not remove the contents of the destination field.

When I look at the webhook details after the ‘run’ In Operations>Output>Bundle 1>Event>Value> there is no data at all. When there is an email, it has ‘email’, ‘text’ and ‘changed at’ on the field. But when it’s deleted, its completely blank. It’s not like it says ‘email:’ so that it can copy a blank email. The api just isnt’ sending any metadata on the field so integromat doesn’t know what to do with it.

Thoughts on how to clear one field if the contents of another are deleted?


For most column types you can just write an empty string using the “Update Column Values of a Specific Item” module. However, I have found that for some column types (like phone), I have to call the change_simple_column_value API directly. Here is an example:

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So the only way I could get it working was to use a router that sends when there is data in the source to one update and if there is no data (length of field=0) another way. The problem is if I try and assign ‘null’ to the destination text field it throws an error. If use “” (usually means no text in other software) it literally puts two quotes in the field. The only way to make the field show as blank is to push a single space character in which really isn’t blank. Any specific syntax to make sure a destination field is simply no text?

Hi @mchinsky!

Hmm strange. I tested this in our Developer’s Playground area and it looks like sending nothing but empty quotation marks works.

Perhaps this is just a function of how Integromat works?

For now I would suggest continuing to utilize a space!

Could you show me a screenshot of how you did the quotes?

Hi @mchinsky,

Are you trying to update an email column to blank? If so, you will need to send blank values like this:

Let me know if you’re trying with a different column type.

No, I was trying to take an email column and copy it as text to a text column. (Because of a bug in one of Monday’s native automations that are supposed to pick up an email address but only show’s text fields in the pick list)

BTW, when I go to create new webhooks, is the URL different for each scenario or is it global for my instance of Monday?


Neither. (Although, usually it is tied to exactly one scenario.) It is created when you add (create) the webhook in Integromat:


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