Watching for board changes in Integromat

Playing with Integromat. It seems the Watch Boards and Watch Groups trigger is only triggering when there is a new or changed Item Description (the first field). When I make changes to fields in other columns, it doesn’t seem to be seeing that as a change in the board.

It doesn’t say anything about that limitation? I’d like a trigger any time anything is changed in any row in a specific board.

Is this a bug? WAD?

Hi again @mchinsky!

Hmm strange. This isn’t the behavior I’m seeing on my end. I’m able to trigger my Integromat module with Status column changes, People column changes, etc.

Perhaps you just need to wait a bit? It does take around 20 seconds for the change to register for me.

If the issue persists, I would definitely try reaching out to Integromat support to see if they’re able to troubleshoot this, since that team is responsible for building all of the modules that you see!

It seems to be working much faster today, I’m wondering if there was a problem with Monday’s API or your back end, yesterday but it’s definitely firing off your instant now

Glad to hear it!

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time.

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