Integromat times out when querying board via API

Hey there,

I’m having an issue where I have a board with 232 items that I am watching with integromat. It runs a query every 15 minutes to update a bunch of columns based on code I have in integromat. This worked beautifully when I just had a few items on the board. But now that I have added items and increased the complexity of the board, the operation times out on Integromat’s end before it can finish the initial query.

I have worked with Integromat and it turns out that the data I am querying is only 2.2MB, but it is taking 52 seconds to query (the timeout limit is 40 seconds).

I am working with Integromat to try to increase the operation time limit to something substatially larger.

But their expectation is that the data is bottlenecking on Monday’s server.

I had big plans for this board–it could increase in both items and columns in the future.

Is there a way to open the data pipeline to allow the data to flow a little more quickly?

Any other suggestions?

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Hi @MSIlydia, Lydia

I occasionally experience the same behavior, not sure if monday bandwidth is the issue here. Have you opened a support ticket?

I did, but because it is dealing with a third party app, they encouraged me to look for help here.

I am working with Integromat to try to increase the time it will wait for an operation to conclude. Hoping for some sort of a solution…it is critical to the system I developed.