PowerBI rest API to Monday

Hello team,
I have connected powerbi by rest api to Monday. So far it was working fine, but for few days I’ve encountered this error. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions?

Hey @ManuelJJ :wave:

I’d love to continue this over email, as we’ve already started investigating this together. That said, the error itself seems to indicate your query took over 60 seconds to complete, and if so, the timeout would be expected.

Let’s get to the bottom of this over email to investigate the specifics more closely here.



Also, I have another questions, I used this query with other board and it appeared( 14 column, 656 rows ). Do you think the update information in each item of the error board was the root cause?

Hi @ManuelJJ,

It would be really helpful to see the actual query that you’re sending.

Do you mind including a screenshot of the method? This way I can better see why you may be running into a 504.

It would also help to know:

  1. A timeframe of when you last ran into this 504 error (as precise as possible, with the timezone)
  2. The account URL of the account you’re testing with

This will be pertinent for us to check our logs!


Hi @Helen ,

I am using the query from Guichaguri

Hi @ManuelJJ,

Looping in @Guichaguri for any comments or thoughts here.

Do you mind letting me know the board ID of one of the boards that’s getting a timeout error, as well as an exact time for when it was happening? This way I can check our logs.


Hi @Helen ,

Here is the ID: 1604519089
I checked at 11:15 pm and got the error at 11:18 pm

Hi @ManuelJJ,

I checked our logs but couldn’t find anything that seemed to be related to a 504 error. Taking a step back, I do want to clarify a few things, do you mind letting me know if it’s true?

You only get this 504 error for this one board, is that right? Do you see the same error message when you send the query in the Developer’s Playground or in Postman? I’m just trying to see where this issue could be coming from.


Yes, that’s correct

Do you see the same error message when you send the query in the Developer’s Playground or in Postman?
Nope, only this board

Also, for this board, since we have to contact with clients every single day, we had many items with lot of conversations like the image below:

Do you think it could be the root cause?


Thank you for getting back to us here!

In general, a 504 error occurs when your query takes longer than 60 seconds to complete. If you are asking for the Updates of all items in the board and all of the items’ column values within the same request, this could definitely take a longer time to process, and would thus result in a timeout error.

Just to clarify, if you are using the query that is shown in the community post you’ve referenced earlier (GitHub - PowerBI query for monday.com), it doesn’t reference the Updates data at all, so it is likely not related. Instead, you might run into this issue if you have a lot of items on the board.

If you add a limit to the number of items you retrieve, for example, limit:100, does the query work correctly then? If that is the case, I would recommend implementing a paginating logic in your PowerBI query to get the data of the board in a few light-weight requests, rather than a single API call. Does that make sense?