Integration with MS Power Automate

Hello all. I would love to see an integration with Power Automate (MS Flow) in the same way Monday has published integrations with automation solutions Integromat and Zapier. As we are fully a Microsoft shop, Power Automate is really our preferred option for an automation solution. Power Automate is also deeply tied with the entire Microsoft architecture\stack including Azure, Power BI, and Office365. I’m actually a little surprised this is missing from Monday’s “portfolio” to date. This integration should be bi-directional in that Monday could be a data source as well as have triggered actions. Please, please consider! :pray:

Thanks for the suggestion @deceiver08!

Besides Power Automate being a solution for your MS Shop, is there any other reason why you’d choose this over Zapier and Integromat? I have passed your feedback along, but I’d love to learn more about any other benefits Power Automate may offer :slight_smile:

Hi Thanks for the question. There are many reasons. First (I’ll start with the most obvious) is because Power Automate is already a part of our Microsoft licensing so there is no additional cost - we are already paying for a business automation solution. Power Automate starts to be thrown in at a E3 subscription. With Zapier and Integromat it would be an additional expense which is a important consideration for organizations already deeply invested in their Microsoft ecosystem, which I might add is practically everyone. Additionally, I alluded to deep integrations with the Microsoft platform including fine control and triggers not really offered by the other two. Also Azure, Power Bi, Power Apps, Sharepoint, etc. are not supported by Zapier or Integromat or don’t have integrations. There are also some systems and databases that we cannot expose directory to the internet and must be firewalled, making integration with Zapier\Integromat either not possible, or an incredibly complex networking exercise, again all for an additional expense. Power Automate is easy controlled by our networking team (again same platform) and allowed access to controlled systems.


This functionality will be key to our organization as we look to onboard additional departments into We have several teams holding onto other project management solutions simply because of the automations available.

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Thanks for sharing that Power Automate can be key to your team. I will share this with our team so they see an additional user may benefit from such feature.

In the meantime, I’d like to tell you that the original request has been placed in our app specific backlog.

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@deceiver08, could not agree with you more! I just posted this topic on MS Forms but touched about Flow as well:

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I’d like to point out something, as I see a theme emerging. I just received a email this week about the new MS Teams integration from Monday. Its obvious that Monday is actively developing and supporting individual integrations on specific Microsoft products like Outlook, Teams and OneDrive. This might not necessarily be a bad thing, but I do think Monday, you are making it a little bit more difficult on yourself and creating larger developer overheads, not to mention elongating the timeline users have to wait for integrations. If you create a integration with Power Automate you are creating the bridge to the entire Microsoft ecosystem including Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and things you are missing completely like Power Bi, Azure, and Sharepoint. With your current model you would have to create a individual integration for each product. This really is not the right approach. You could have one integration to manage all touch points with Microsoft rather than having to support individual integrations at the product level.

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Using Power Automate we can pull all our data into the MS Teams environment and don’t have to worry about authentication. it’s great when you work with desperate systems.

note you can setup an AWS API account and create your own custom endpoint to consume into PowerAutomate. Power Automate sucks when it comes to 2 parameters for the handshake. honestly, they should fix that.

Bringing this to the forefront - new (very impressed so far) user here. Trying to work out some technical kinks in moving over from Trello.

I began using Trello because it’s integrated with Power Automate. I’m a small business owner and not overly technical, so Power Automate has been my best friend. I have been able to move over most of my automated functions to, but one major aspect I’m still lacking is being able to automatically add an item (a customer) to an email list in Mailchimp. With Trello, I can move a customer’s card to a certain list, and Power Automate adds them to my follow-up email campaign list. As it stands now, I have to manually add each customer to my list from

Paired with the other reasons listed earlier about Power Automate giving access to the entire Microsoft suite by default, I think this would be a great move for (Not to mention the users like me who buy their technology because it’s integrated with Power Automate.)

Fingers crossed!