Integration with Microsoft Forms - critical

Yes, they are great and look stunning, two main issues with both:

  1. They are missing critical features that allow Microsoft intraoffice users to sign-in with the MS credentials where it automatically records their name, email, and all other info in the system. So admin can verify who actually submitted the form as well as the end-user does not have to waste time typing.

  2. They both cost money while you get the MS Forms as part of the Office account. The company already pays per user per month for Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc. Why add cost?

Microsoft Office 365 users are over 200,000,000 Daily Active Users and leading the business market globally. In my opinion, Monday needs to heavily integrate with Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft “Power Automate” aka “Flow” integration, would be amazing…


Hey @OmerZ!

Thanks so much for writing in with your feedback around adding MS Forms as a potential integration with our platform. I would love to pass this feedback along to our Autopilot Team as those two points you mentioned definitely make sense!

In the meantime, we do have our own Forms powered by, where you can easily create forms directly on your account, without integrating to any other services. Have you been able to try setting up our forms?


Thank you for your reply. Monday forms work well but lacks three significant things:

  1. Item #1 I mentioned above which is critical for our organization.

  2. Advanced customization and arranging of fields - fields are directly arranged in the same order as the board columns.

  3. I mentioned it on another post and sent feedback to Monday months ago - Monday branding looks like a free/trial software. Simply does do not look professional.
    In my opinion, and many others it is not tasteful. It’s ok to have it for the Basic or even perhaps the Standard subscriptions, but definitely not for Pro.

Hope you understand and communicate with the decision-makers.

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Please let me know if it makes sense or you need additional clarification.



Any updates?

Thanks., can you please share any updates for this request? / / / @ziv,

Please post an update.


We have not settled on a solution for user submissions. We have looked at monday forms, Jotforms and Zendesk (which we already use of some functions). I had never looked at MS Forms but was intrigued so I took a look.

I found it relatively straightforward to get the MS forms submission data added to an Excel workbook. From there I created a simple Integromat scenero that moved this data into a monday board.

It seems to me that if monday would add an integration from MS Excel it would provide a solution to what you are requesting but, would also provide a doorway to great number other possibilities.



It has been 3 whole months, any updates?


My company uses Forms a lot as well.
An easy implementation in monday would be great.

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