Integromat Returning Empty Fields in Update


I am using Integromat to create an update in an item 30 seconds after it has been created. We need the update because the board is very wide horizontally and the update provides a more readable version of the information for pricing. I want the delay because the “Create an Item” automation was working too quickly after the client submitted the form and fields were coming up blank in the update. (If there is a way to delay it from within Monday please let me know, I could not make it happen)

New Items are created by users submitting a Monday form via our website. We have one custom integration from Auto-ID column, but that column’s value is coming through fine.

Everything is coming through ok except for 3 of my text columns which refuse to populate. When I look at them on the Integromat side, there is no example text as there is for other mappable items. I definitely entered information into these fields when submitting the form though.

I am still learning both Monday and Integromat and do not have experience coding, so this is all quite new.

Any advice?

I have included a screenshot from Integromat of where I tried to map the “Brief Description” field, and another in Monday where there is no result for that field in the update that was created.

Thanks in advance!

Hi there @EmilyNHD - Welcome to the community! If the only reason you are wanting to create this update is to have a more user friendly quick overview of key item info, check out the Item Card app in the Marketplace: Apps Marketplace

It’s written by monday, so no charge to use it. :slight_smile: Give that a try and see if that meets your needs. If you would like to get a personal demo or ask any other questions about using monday, feel free to schedule a time with me here: Book Polished Geek: more with

Hi @PolishedGeek

Thanks for the reminder! I had tried this feature before but I could’ve sworn it didn’t work with some of my columns at the time. the only column not included now is the Files, which is a bit of an issue but not major.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @EmilyNHD, welcome to the community!

I’m so glad to hear that @PolishedGeek’s suggestion could work for you-- that’s incredible news.

In any case, I took a look at the Integromat scenario you posted and I think the issue could be that the “value” field of the Brief Description just doesn’t seem to be picking up anything:

I’m seeing that it’s empty there^.

In any case, it sounds like this might not be necessary/needed anymore!


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