Integromat DATE update

I am creating an integration that creates/updates a date field in monday. I execute the intagration succesfully but the that field is not updated. I am using parseDate and dateFormate functions but I am still not getting any results. If I look at the board while executing the integration, I see that the date apears for a secnd and then disapears. If Instead of using parseDate or/and dateFormat y use “now”, the day does updates. any clues?

one of the things I´ve tried…
parseDate(1.fecha; “DD/MM/YYYYY”)

I would start by looking at the input bundle of the update module for each of the runs (the one that did work vs the one that didn’t).

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

I did, cannot find the difference in the output. I suppose I´ll keep looking, it´s probably one of those obvious things that one cannot see :slight_smile: Thanks

You could post what you are seeing… Maybe we can help.

Here is what I see. Input from zoho Forms, output from monday connector and configuration and the result in thje board. Thanks!!!

there is one extra Y in the year because I ve jus edited the field, but that is not the problem. It was corrected and still no solution. Thanks!!

Found the problem, for some strange reason an empty value in board columns defaults overrides the value one inserts through intyegromat. So the problem is that functionality. I deleted all defaults and it worked. Thanks!!!

That’s a good one to look out for. Thanks for letting us know what happened.

Hey @mbuccellato,

Sorry for our delay in handling this! I’m glad you were able to find the issue! Let us know if we can help with anything else.