Jotform to integromat date problems

Hi team, I am busy connecting our jotform’s to via Integromat so that unique pulses are updated as they make there way through our “process flow”.

The issue I am having is that no matter how I try to connect the date from jotform to via integromat the date format returns 01/01/1970. I tried exporting the information to a google sheet to see what I am getting and I get a DD/MM/YYYY value that if copied and pasted as a value I get a very low (circa 01/01/1970 date).

I cannot seem to find a place where I can tell integromat exactly how I would like the value exported.

I know I need to adjust what I am passing through but I am having trouble thinking my way around it. I have already tried changing the seperator in jotform from a / to a - and also swapping date fields around like YYYY/MM/DD from integromat to but no matter how I do it I get 01/01/1970. Screen shots below.

Have you had a look at the Integromat builtin FormatDate function? Does that solve your formatting issue?

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Having a look now, thank you for a clue on this journey to do things smarter :slight_smile:

Thanks Basderuin I found the Parse date function and the tool to alter a variable. Good learning, Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

For people using this to find what you are looking for you need to convert the jotform date from text to binary to put it into

Use to help you like it did me

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