How to update comments/updates section in via Integromat


I have my JotForm submissions linked to via Integromat. Unfortunately Jotform currently doesn’t have all the integrations I need so I’m trying to see if I can do them via Integromat.

I’ve got it when I received a JotForm submission it creates a new item in a specific board in I want it so when it creates a new item it also updates the comments section for that item with a specific field from JotForm.

Is this possible? any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m new to Integromat. I’ve attached some screenshots of what I’m trying to achieve, hopefully they make sense.


Hi @Design, welcome to the community!

Ahh okay, so I think the reason this isn’t working for you is because the Updates section isn’t a column on your board, but nested within each item.

I think in this case, it might make more sense to utilize another module, specifically for creating an Update. Let me know if this option works for you!


Hi Helen,

Thanks for replying. I created a new module in Integromat specifically to create updates and this works great. I however am now struggling with creating sub items via Integromat. Is this currently possible?

Yes you can!

You can use the “Create an Item” module in Integromat to find your Subitem board on that parent board to create a Subitem.

The Group will be which parent item to create the subitem in.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Helen. I tried to do what you had advised but I must be missing something or not putting the right values in the right places. Sorry, could you point me in the right direction again please?

The error I’m getting is:
The operation failed with an error. [404] Group not found [ Error Code: ResourceNotFoundException / Error Details: {“resource_type”:“group”,“group_id”:“1097057672”,“board_id”:1083082448,“error_reason”:“store.monday.automation.error.missing_group”} ]

Hi @Helen - I have been trying to create a subitem within Integromat with no success. I have set the GroupID to that of the parent item and it always comes back with an error “404 Group Not found”. I havent found a way to properly add a subitem properly with this one. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Design and @mark.anley

Ahh yes, so the group field does differ between Subitems. In my case, I was able to create a Subitem by selecting from the Group field:

It looks like it doesn’t tell you which parent item these Subitems groups are from, so there will be a bit of guess work here.

I know that’s not ideal, but you can definitely go through and see if you’re able to add Subitems to the correct parent item that way.

Thanks @Helen !

For me I only see a single “subitems” option in the Group ID selection. I set it as Group ID and it does succeed however based on the output, it has a Group ID of ‘topics’?


Also, the subitem is not created. If I do a list Item check in Integromat, I can see all my created subitems, but they appear nowhere within Monday? Very strange…

@mark.anley super strange!

In any case, you can also use the HTTP module instead of the Monday v2 one to send a custom API request to create a Subitem. This might honestly be the better way to go as it’s more precise.

Thanks @Helen - I will give that approach a go!

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Hey @Helen - likely a dumb question. I was playing around in the API playground and had no issues creating some simple Subitems using the following logic…

mutation {
create_subitem(parent_item_id: 12345678, item_name: “new subitem test”) {
board {

However when I use the exact same logic in an Integromat HTTP Module I receive a 400 Bad Request error which I suspect is due to formatting. Is there different formatting required within Integromat? I’ve tried it every which way and it looks right to me :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help,

No worries @mark.anley ! Do you mind showing me what the logic in your HTTP module looks like?

This probably just requires a small tweak in syntax to fix.

Feel free to DM me too if it contains some sensitive information, or blur that out!

Thanks for all your help so far Helen. Sorry to keep coming back with more questions!
I have used the HTTP module to create subitems and it works, however is there a way to create multiple subitems?

@Design not at all! Happy to continue answering them.

Hmm sadly the API call will only create one Subitem at a time, however you can absolutely run the HTTP module multiple times in order to create multiple Subitems.

What’s your use-case? Were you looking to create a list of Subitems based off of an action?

Thanks @Helen - I sent you a DM with the details.

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