Shopify to Using Integromat (Creating Line Items Using Sub Items)

@JCorrell has already answered this question for @Evert here, but the thread seems to be missing a lot of context as it looks to begin halfway through the conversation.

I would like to do what @Evert has done almost exactly.

Stated Problems:

  1. All of the line items are grouped into the single item created when setting up a Shopify “watch orders” integration through Integromat that creates a single item.
  2. I have 2 separate vendors that I would like to create if statements for so that each line item pushes to their respective Monday Boards.

The Missing Context & Questions:

I’m going to use this image from @Evert as a reference since it seems to be the closest thing to lay out my desired goal:

  • When building the iterator, I’m confused as to what criteria need to have selected in the array to create the sub item. Do I only select what needs to be pushed to the sub item? What do I need to have so that it creates a separate sub item for each line item?

  • Do I need to have any fields selected in the advanced settings for this to work properly?

Any help given is deeply appreciated.


To elaborate, and possibly help identifying where I’m having issues, here’s what I’ve built so far with the current problems.

Here’s what I’ve built, which doesn’t have the if statement yet. I’m just trying to get an order in that adds the line items as sub items.

This is what was created it when I hit “run once.” When I created the “Create Sub Item” in Integromat, I assume that the line Item ID is incorrect, which is why it created a new item below the first item, but created the sub item within the first line item that was originally there.

Here is my current setup within each node on Integromat:


Since I see that you are actively working on this, I will give you some quick answers…

  • in your Iterator (3): the array reference should be to the whole array, not the first element as it is. If you specifically want the names iterated, the array reference should be something like:
 map(1. Line items[]; Name)
  • in Create Subitem (4): turn on the map toggle on the Item ID and use the “2. ID” here.
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Hey @JCorrell!

Thank you tons for the prompt reply. I’ve got it pushing the first line item pushing as a subitem to the appropriate line item.

Here are my next issues:

*It’s only pushing the first Line Item of the order. The test order I’m running this off of has two line items, each one having a different vendor.

  • You’ve mentioned “Array” but every time I search for it in the iterators selection, I’m not seeing it. Will that be required in order to associate each line item with a line item price and assigned vendor?

Missing Array Option in Iterator:

Updated Progress on Monday Order Management Board:

Current Iterator Setup: (Clearly, this is not set up properly to get the desired results)

Current Setup of “Create Subtask”: (I thought setting it up this way would push the line price to the line price column, but I’m clearly mistaken)

Again, thank you for your guidance @JCorrell


Probably easier if we have a quick call. DM me if you would like to do that.


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