When a sub-item is created for a parent item, create an item in parent item specific board

We have a board (Masterlist) that tracks the status of all our clients. Each item is a client with the sub items as the deliverables for that specific client. Each client also has a separate board with the same deliverables as items in that board. The sub-items and items are synced.

Is it possible to use Integromat or Zapier to create a workflow such that every time a sub-item is added/removed from an item (client) in the Masterlist, an item is automatically created/removed from the board of that specific client.


The simple answer to your “is it possible” question is no. At least if you have to have the changes reflected in real-time. There is currently no trigger in monday that activates when an item is deleted. This is an often requested feature and hopefully will be made available. If it is critical that the changes are made in real-time, it would be necessary to control the deletions with something like a status change or button click.

What I have done to address this issue is to have an Integromat scenario that runs periodically to check for changes and sync them. If the only changes that need to be synced are deletions, it is fairly simple. Complexity increases if you also have to sync names changes, group moves, and unsynced additions.


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Hi Jim,

Thanks for the reply!

Would it be possible to just have them synced, without the deletion?

For eg. new item created in client board → create sub item for parent item of client in Masterlist → sync/connect the new item and the new subitem to reflect changes.

Or even without the sync? I’m a bit confused on how to tell Integromat to look for a specific parent item in the Masterlist for each new client board. Would that consist of a different trigger for each client board? Or can it be done through an overarching trigger?

Appreciate the help!


Automation and integration recipes live at the board level. Each board must have its own. Subitems, board linking and integrations/automations are all areas that monday is actively developing right now. As of this moment, the structure you have described is not fully supported with the available standard automations. This is the kind of thing where Integromat or a custom app can bridge the gap.

Based on what you have described so far, I think this is all “doable”. It is a bit complex though. I’ll DM you and maybe we can discuss the details.