Master - Detail boards with automation possible?

Hello all.

Looking to create a Master - Detail setup between two boards. Effectively Zapier is populating an ‘Onboarded’ board containing client conversions from all our various sources (Chat, SMS, Http forms, etc). Individual records are keyed off unique email. What I’d like to see happen is upon entry into our Onboarded detail board an item is automatically created in our master board ‘Prospects’ keyed on email, if it does not already exist. This entry in the Prospects board links back to all the entries in the Onboarded detail table with the same email address.

I can implement this manually but I’m not seeing any automations via Zapier or Monday that will do this workflow automatically. Perfectly happy to write my own code. Just want to ensure I’m not missing something beforehand.

The stumbling blocks I’m seeing is lack of ‘create item only if it does not exist’ in board and automatically linking all detail records with a master. Right now I have to manually enter the master table, click on the linked column field and search and link records from the details board to the master board.


Hi @dragnet - You should be able to achieve this with Integromat instead of Zapier. The Integromat API integration with monday is much more powerful than the Zapier one. Have you tried playing with it? Integromat is admittedly somewhat geekier, but once you get the hang of it, you can do a lot more.