Newbie linked boards and automation

New to Monday and trying to automate some of my processes. Many thanks in advance for any help.

I have a board that captures information from subcontractors via a form. Its pretty comprehensive and captures things like dietary requirements, qualifications etc. It also captures email and contact numbers.

I’m trying to create board to manage booking these contractors hotels and an automation that pulls in this data - name & email. and then use an automation to send these contractors details of their hotel booking.

Here’s where I get stuck - because the board pulls in the email from another board (crew email) - the automation tags don’t appear for these fields (crew email etc).

Hope this makes sense…


Hi @tfo_2023

In this case, you need to use external application like Make or Zapier to achieve this.

Make provides Monday modules to carry values from linked boards. If you did not have Make, here is our magic link to get 1 Month Pro plan free (10,000 operations):

Please try and if you need any assistance, feel free to book a slot from Calendly

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Hey @tfo_2023 :raised_hand:

We’ve actually been dealing with this same issue with one of our clients, and just yesterday figured out a way around it without Zapier or Here’s what we did:

Mirror the booking status column onto your Contacts board. Create one more status column on your Contacts board with “booked” as an option. Then, you can use this pre-built automation:

Screenshot 2023-01-04 at 10.13.18 AM

Make sure it is this pre-built one that says “Support subitems” underneath it, because it is the only one I’ve found that works with mirror columns. What you can do is use the automation to say “when [mirrored column] changes to booked, change [contact column] to booked.”

The next automation would live on the Contacts board, and would be the “when [contact column] changes to “booked”, send email to [email column].”

Let me know if that makes sense! We’d be happy to help set it up if you need.

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Thanks for this - shall take a good look again tomorrow.

Appreciate it

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Thanks for this - I’m afraid I failed to fully grasp solution. Do you work directly for Monday? Be great to take you up on the offer of a guided set up…