Creating new boards with linked items automatically


I’m hoping to find some help with a specific use case involving linked items on boards. Basically, I have a main board which is an overview of all of my clients deals. I want to create an individual board for each client and somehow automate each item on the board to link with the client in the main board.

Any suggestions?


The first option I would look at would be to use the following automation. You will need to have a column in each board that uniquely identifies the client.:

Jim - The Monday Man

I think this kind of works. But for me to completely fix the issue I need to have some way to add the name of the board (the client’s last name, which is the same as the item name in the board it’s linked to) to the column on the board that starts the automation. Can I do this with zapier/a formula maybe? Any ideas would be helpful–let me know if you need me to clarify.


Personally, I think Integromat is much better than Zapier for use with monday (and less expensive). You could definitely do the naming/linking with Integromat. The only limitation with any automation solution in this area is that the new boards must be manually added to the connect boards column. The limitation is because the monday API does not yet provide the ability to do this automatically yet.