Bringing a connect board through to several new boards

I have a set of boards that I want connected automatically when the new item is created. Use Case:
Board A creates an item in board B when a status is reached. Once the item is created in board B I need to create a new item on Board C, data from Board C is mirrored back to Board B. In Board C I need to have data from Board A. At a certain point (which is variable - so I have used a “button” ) the user needs t trigger a new process on a new board. Currently the is in Board C as that is where the user is spending their time, but the data from the new board is actually mirroring into board B and also has additional of board A but these are on board C.

I know is this really complex, but essentially board B is like a reporting board in the middle.
Board A is a Lead and C is the main project which triggers additional sub sets of work as needed. Initially I and all the work in just 2 boards but the data for reporting became the 2nd board.

I am wondering if I should reconsider the set up and have an item copy from A to B&C and manually connect the boards B&C which is extra step, or continue with the automated when added to B create in C and mirror and then have the buttons on the board B which is not a great user journey or if anyone has found another way of doing similar?

You can automate this workflow using make or zapier.

How can I automate the connection of boards?

Can we setup a meeting? It is difficult to explain here. Let me know

please feel free to email me Thank you for your help

meeting went well. I solved her query. I am attaching screenshot of automation which she needed.