Board connections and automatisations

Hi all,
I do have some challanges, I am not overcoming with Monday currently. As Monday is so powerful, I am probably just missing some stuff :wink:

There are two things I’d like to achieve:

  1. Automatically create X new items in another board
    I do have a board with orders. An order can have at least one serial, but up to whatever (realistically the maximum is around 50 currently). I do have a column with the number of serials/devices per order. First my intention was to create subitems (1 per serial) and then create new items in another board with those subitems. This is currently not possible, as I’ve learned. So I though, just create x (number of serials) new items in the new board. So I’d like to do somthing like “when status changes to shipped, create x new items in board serialinfo”. Is somethink like this possible OR does someone has another idea?
  2. I do have information spread on multiple boards. One is board A and one board B. I cannot merge those boards, but I can use information of board A and board B in board C. Well this is easy with the connect multiple boards feature in Monday. Working great btw! My challange is now: I do have the same Item name on board A and B.
    First question: Can I automatically select the same item name on both boards? Currently I have to use the switch to select the baord and then search for the item and check it for board A and board B. As the item name is EXACTLY the same, is there some way to check it once an it applies for both?
    Second question: Can I somehow create a new item from Board A to Board B, which does have the item name of board A in column X in board B and then use column X to automatically connect to this itemname in board C (same itemname considered).

I hope my questions are somehow udnerstandable :slight_smile: and someone has an idea how to target my challanges. Also I am open to other suggestions and solutions, as long as I achieve waht I need :wink:

BR and thanks
Hendrik aka SwarmieTech

Hey @SwarmieTeh welcome to the community!

what you are asking for is definitely possible given the automations. There are a couple of methods to achieve what you are going for. And to be honest I was a little fuzzy on the relationships between boards A,B & C but try the answer below and let me know if that works for you:

  1. I believe you want the following automation to accomplish this:
    Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 8.50.43 AM
    There are automations that just create an item in another board based on status change BUT given you have 3 boards you want to connect this will essentially have 1 board feeding the other board (or you can set two of these automations and create items in both Boards B & C from A or vice versa)

  2. I think Answer 1 should get most of what you need here, but I will also mention the new monday ‘MATCHING’ automations which can connect items between boards when the name exactly matches:
    Easiest way to find these automations is to use the ‘search’ in automations center and type in ‘match’ you will see the following options:

Hope that helps and let me know if it works for you!


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Hi timlittletech!

those functions are awesome and nearly solved everything! The relationshipd between boards makes me fuzzy as well :wink:
I do again have somehting to play with. I’ll come back tomorrow and let you know the outcome!

Thanks a lot!

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