Creating Subitems with Integromat - Shopify

This has been a very helpful post! Thanks so much!!!

However I’m still not able to get all the sub items listed but only the first one. Do I somehow have to insert an ITERATOR module before the ‘Create a Subitem’ module?

I basically want to have an Item per order with each line item of the order as a Sub Item. I’m using Shopify but I’d believe it would be similar for all ecom platforms.



I don’t know shopify. I’m assuming that you are getting one bundle per order. If the lines of the order are coming in via an array, yes, the iterator will split each element into a seperate bundle.

Using your original scenario pic for reference, replace the router with the iterator, delete 9 and 10 then adjust 5 to reference values from the iterator. Also, you may not need 7. It’s not obvious why you would.


I just realized that you are not the original poster. I’ll leave the reply. If it does not help, give us more details.

@JCorrell THANKS! I end up with two sub items. However I end up with the same sub item twice! Any last words of advice?! :slight_smile:

It might be more helpful if I post what my scenario looks like…

so what happens is that I get now multiple sub-items, but it is only the first line item from the order. if the order has two line-items I get two sub-items in Monday under the right item. however the first line item is repeated as the second sub-item. somehow the iterator resends the first sub-item as the following sub-item.

Any help much appreciated.



Your create subitem module has to reference the values from the iterator module not the shopify module. If need more help, dm me directly.

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@JCorrell THAT’S IT!!! much appreciated…

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@JCorrell now that it works I wanted to add a ‘if-then’ function once an order comes in from Shopify. Basically orders that include a certain category of items should go to one group, all the others into another group.

wouldn’t that just work with a ROUTER? and then set up the FILTER? However the Router/Filter doesn’t seem to look through the entire order, but just the first line item and thus sorts the item wrongly.

Should I first use an ITERATOR to look through the entire order and identify if a a certain product is included?


Yes, you could use a router. However, based on the current description, i would just map the group you want to use with an if function in the create item module. Something like this:

@JCorrell this is ‘just like’ Excel… just need to learn/find the ‘functions’… now the ‘only’ challenge I have is finding the GROUP on the board… I can’t link to it directly… if I use the name, like you did with grp001 and grp002 I get this error message… I’ve tried everything from just plain text, to putting the group name between ’ or "… nothing works…


I should have been more clear. grp001 and grp002 MUST be the group ID NOT the group name. One easy way to get these is to unselect map on the group, pick the group from the dropdown then reselect map. The remaining value will be the ID for the group you selected.

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THANKS! @JCorrell it works…

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