Who is using integromat with sub items..?

Working with integromat, api v2 and sub items. my world has been turned upside down.

Flexibility has just gone gang busters, even just to update a status box on a sub item and have it update a reporting board and creating updates from sub items. I’m interested to hear how others are using integrations and sub items ???

Hi @Viste, Allan,

Very interested to see this work. As far as I know the API does not support subitems yet and therefore Integromat could also not support it (I think). Do you have different expereince?

Hi, I’ll be at work soon. I will let you know how I have done it. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay in getting back, sub items are just another board for now. so you need to link them by a common identifier.

the common identifier can be found in

then you use a txt phraser to extract the number from the text

then you use a text aggregator to convert it to text

then you use that txt in your get item.

it’s confusing at the start but it is just a flow. it has taken me lots of working out but now it’s simple :slight_smile:

sorry, this was a little rushed I’m flat out at work. :slight_smile: good luck


Hi @Viste, Allan,

Thank you for your post. I did kind of the same reversed engineering but I am not sure this is the way to go with the API. Feels better to wait for official API support for sub-items . The approach you is working… until there is an option to move subitems to normal items etc.

I’ve been using de Get an Item module:

There you can get the subitems IDs and use an Iterator followed by more “Get an Item” to get all the items:

I’m having trouble creating new sub-items. I can create them in the subitems board, in the correct group (subitems_of_[pulseId]) but no luck.

Once create I’ve tried to create an Array Aggregator so I can update the Main Item column containing the subitems array:

But no luck, I keep getting this error:

Let me know if someone had more luck.

I’ve made it. So the steps I followed are:

  1. I get the data from which I’m creating the subitems and create an Iterator - Create Item - Array Aggregator:

My output would be:


The problem is that that Array wont work, because we need to link it to the Main Item’s subitem column as an array with a collection of arrays, and the id key name must be: linkedPulseId, not Id as the array generated.

  1. So I created a JSON created another Iterator and a JSON Aggregator:

That Json Aggregator will arrange the data like this:

So my new output:


Not there yet!!!

  1. So I created an Updated Column value for a specific item Module where I created the collection:

Worked as a charm!

If you have questions let me know.


Well done… I need to take some time to process, I’m so confused haha can you export your blue print and send it to me ?

Hi @charliemolain,

Thanks for the post. It really helped me understand the structure of the subitems.
I have done it, and it worked perfectly as I can see the subitems in the board. However, once I refreshed the page, all subitems disappear again.

Did you face this issue?

Hi, I haven’t seen that issue. Make sure the subitems are created in a group which is related to the main item, so you have to create that group in the sub-items board.

The group is there as the main item is already created. The strange thing is that I can see the sub-items, and everything looks perfect. But once the page reloaded, all sub-items under disappear

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