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Hello Im pretty new to the integromat + Monday integrations and I am trying to get details from facebook such as clicks, reach, CPM ect through a campaign and my facebook connection in integromat is working but passing the data to monday.com is giving me an issue
as seen in this image

Can anyone please give me advice ? I would appreciate it a lot

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The module you are using for monday.com is just listing all the items on your account or a specific board. You will need to use a Create Item one instead, or if you are trying to retrieve data from monday.com based on information coming from Facebook, you will need to use the Search Items by Column Value module.

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Thanks for chiming in here, @Enyetahip!

Hi @Faziki, welcome to our community!

I agree with @Enyetahip-- I think the “Create an Item” action would be your best bet.

This particular error indicates some syntax-related issue though.

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