and connection to create customers

Hi there, I am looking at using integromat to use data to create a customer in my email marketing platform customer.IO.

I have been able to set up the portion to list out all items and then am sending them to customerIo to create a customer with ID, email and attributes.

See below:

I’ve also included a filter so only items/customer with email get sent to customer.IO

However, when the data is sent over to Customer.IO it’s created the customer but hasn’t brought any attributes across and has created 52 ‘phantom attribtues’

Has anyone seen this and knows what’s going on?

Hi @sasha.hartley :wave:

This is certainly odd - I’m curious to better understand how your scenario is currently setup.

Which specific Monday V2 module(s) are you utilizing to pull this data from

I’m also curious which specific column types are you pulling from within your board?


Hi Scott,
Thanks for your questions,

at the moment i’m using Monday V2 - List boards items and then connecting that to create a customer in CustomerIO.

In terms of specific column types - we are trying to mainly pull text field columns, I hope that helps.

We’re also open to restructuring our board to get this integration to work