Salesforce and Monday contact integration

Hello community,

My organization is moving from Salesforce to and we would like to move all data such as contacts, opportunities and etc… and would like to transfer it to

Is there anyway to do it so moves everything automatically instead of downloading everything from salesforce and uploading it to For example, we have over 20,000 contacts in salesforce but to add it to we can only upload 8,000 contacts each time and in new boards so it’s all split up.

Can anyone help?

Thank you!

Hi, @ShimritLevy - Congrats on choosing monday․com as your new CRM! You may want to set something up with Zapier. You’d need to find a way to trigger each of the objects in Salesforce that you want to move for Zapier to force Zapier to pick it up, however, once you have it triggering in Zapier, you can then create thpse items on the appropriate boards and send it all seamlessly to monday․com (including linkages between items if necessary).

There is an integration limit of 10,000 items per board, so you may still have to do a bit of temporary splitting and merging to handle moving 20k contacts. But it’s definitely a better system to do it with Zapier than manual exports and imports via Excel.

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Similarly to what is being suggested, you could also do this with Integromat. You’d build an automation that woud:

  • watch the Salesforce records
  • automatically create matching items in monday

I am mostly jumping in because I think it’s quite helpful that you can set the automation to start running from any specific date. There’s, therefore, the possibility to take all your records from the past into consideration.


Great thank you both for the answers. Very helpful! :smiley:

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