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I’m looking to migrate from Salesforce to Monday.com - I would like to be clear as well, this isn’t an integration, we are moving away from Salesforce and need to migrate all our accounts, contacts and account history (tasks & events) to Monday.com. I’m within my 14 day trial currently, and I understand that the Salesforce integration is only part of the Enterprise package, but would this be able to migrate the data over? We intend to stop using Salesforce at the end of July 2022, so we have just over a month to get this completed.

Failing that, is there any simple way of importing the Salesforce account history (tasks/events) into Monday.com?

Hello @Hyperjase !

Not as much experience with Salesforce, but monday.com expert here! If you can export the history of a client into an excel or CSV file, you can import that into a monday.com board to have the history. Depending on the history and information that you are importing there are savvy ways to get it to connect and associate with all of your accounts and contacts, but just to get the information in the correct space, I would start with that.

We have a great article on how to do that here!

We also has a webinar that goes into the nitty gritty of things that you should do to maximize that import and how to create that relationship data.

Here is the link to the webinar that we produced about importing spreadsheets: Importing Spreadsheets into monday - YouTube

Hope this helps!

Hey @Hyperjase! Hopefully the wonderful @jailynnlucidday’s advice and suggestions helped but if not, shoot us a message at support@monday.com and we’d be happy to assist further with this! :blush:

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