Typeform and Make.com with Monday (Integromat)

I’m using Make.com to integrate a sign up form with Monday.

Its all quite straightforward but I’m havving some issues with a dropdown and being able to map the correct answer into Monday, and the phone number.

I have been using the above as a reference point but it cuts off just before I get the answer I’m looking for.

Here are some screenshots of my make.com setup

I’m unsure how to go about mapping the responses - I’ve even tried deleting the dropdown options I had already set and allowed make to create labels but still no joy.

In the same vein I’m struggling to map the phone number correctly as it requires a country code element where I’m struggling to see where it comes from. I’m able to get pass it but I don’t get the phone number actually into Monday.

Any help the community can give me is greatly appreciated!


Let’s start with some simple answers.

  1. Phone Numbers monday phone #'s require the two character country code. If you are storing US numbers, use “US”. You can see the list of all available countries here.
    If you don’t want to mess with that consider using a text column instead.
  2. Make/Integromat recently “improved” the function of some of the modules. For storing a variable number of dropdown labels you will now need to call the monday API more directly. The easiest way to do this is to use the “Execute a GraphQL Query” module. Here is an example of query text using change_simple_column_value()

mutation { change_simple_column_value (item_id: 1297498726, board_id: 1297498717, column_id:"dropdown", value: "Cookie, Cupcake") { id } }

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