Typeform Integration for Marketing Teams

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share something that my team and I worked on together while testing out the Typeform integration. We found that the integration could be really useful for Marketing Teams, so we created a use case based on our interactions with monday.com users and went from there!

So, say that you’re a marketing manager for an agency and your client is a small coffee shop. The coffee shop wants to gather random responses on beverage preferences from their clientele to help decide what to put on the upcoming Summer Menu.

As the marketing manager, it makes sense that you would want all of their responses and their contact information in one place so that you can filter through the results at a later date. The data also needs to be shared with your client and other members of your team.

In building this out, my team started by putting together a form on Typeform with the relevant questions for our study. One of the cool things about Typeform is that you can add images:

It’s important to note, however, that you can’t import multiple choice answers and question clusters into monday.com yet. So we kept it simple for our form.

We started by creating a Shareable board with columns to correlate with each of our form questions. Then we mapped our Typeform questions to the board:

After we integrated and started generating responses, this is what our board ended up looking like:


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Thanks for the example, I’m looking to do this exact thing, but I’m really hoping that monday supports multiple choice answers from typeform now. Perhaps in the form of tags?

do you know if they have added support for that?


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Update here from me, is that I have successfully been able to set up a simple integromat scenario, that maps the multiple choice field to a monday board. if anyone is interested in a sample on setting htis up or getting help feel free to DM me here.

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