Feature request - multiple choice on Typeform integration with monday.com

Thanks Cassandra, for posting this. It actually helped me troubleshoot something…

BlockquoteIt’s important to note, however, that you can’t import multiple choice answers and question clusters into monday.com yet.

In Typeform, its a bit confusing. There is a “Multiple Choice” question type, but a toggle button to actually turn on/off multiple selection capabilities. They probably should have labeled that question type something else. Also, if you try to change the question type mid-campaign, it will wipe out your previous form results in Typeform - so proceed with caution, or just start fresh on your next survey.

Monday peeps - any plans to support that “Multiple Choice” question type in the future?

Hi @mdowell

Are you asking specifically in relation to the Typeform integration?

Yes, Julia. Specifically in relation to Typeform integration, but even more specifically in relation to the multiple choice question type in Typrform, and how that content would import into a Monday group/column. If it would help for us to re-create the problem to show, let me know and I can work with some team members here (who use TypeForm more often) to provide a detailed example.