Feature request - multiple choice on Typeform integration with monday.com

We too look forward to seeing this built into the Typeform integration natively with monday․com. In the meantime, we have been using Integromat as middleware for these situations. You can have Typeform designed however you wish, push the data through Integromat and then update monday․com according to your needs.

~ Deb Cinkus, PMP
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CEO & Principal Consultant, Polished Geek

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Deb, thanks for the tip! Our firm uses Integromat for some other internal processes so we’re familiar with the tool. Would you mind sharing the string of events that you used to pull the multiple choice answer from Typeform and update the corresponding Monday item accordingly?

@ErickE-monday.com Any update on this at all ?

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@Julia-monday.com @lauralev
I am saddened that in 2024, this “feature” is still not available. It is obvious that with 6.4k views on this thread, this “feature” is a very real need and necessary function to have.

The JotForm integration supports this, why doesn’t the TypeForm integration do the same?