Bringing in phone numbers via

Hi all,

I’m using a Make integration to send phone numbers to a phone column in It looks like the numbers make it, but for some reason, the Monday column shows “Error.”

The first screenshot below shows what I’m sending from Make and the second shows the result from that send - the word “Error” on the phone column for the imported item. If I tab into that column and hit enter, the phone number I sent appears and, if I edit anything about it, the column saves the number in the proper format.

I believe I’ve formatted the module to strip away all non-digit characters and that the module is sending the numbers in one element and, at the same time, the country code in another element.

Here’s a shot of the Make module and the formula I’m using to strip out everything but numbers.

Anyone have any advice about what could be causing the column to not recognize the number until I edit it?