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In this video, I’m going to show you how to connect Calendly to Monday and Slack for better scheduling. We’ll be building a workflow around the apps to get real-time lead updates.

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Great video, very informative on how to parse out strings of text in the question array. I used position number instead of question and it worked!

One of the issues I am encountering here is the movement of certain details in calendly to column types in monday. Mainly because I have no experience in coding haha.

For example, Calendly creates the phone question as a string (but with a country code chooser) so the number appears for eg +1 222-333-4444

Then when trying to export this using make / integromat to monday, make identifies the phone column as numbers and then requires the iso 2 country code.

Have you figured out a way around this problem?

I have also struggled to have the array answers in calendly populate in monday’s dropdown and status columns.

For eg I have a calendly array question which are radio button choices which i want to link to a dropdown column in monday as well as a status column. Do you have any videos or courses on how to map this?


This can be easily solved. We have done so far 250+ Monday automations. If you need any help in scenario building, write to us at or feel free to book a slot from Calendly:

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Thanks guys, I have booked a meeting with you for later today.

Looking forward. You are welcome.

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Hi Jasonfmb,

Have you figured out a way when MAKE identifies phone column as numbers and then requires the iso 2 country code?
I’m having the same trouble. Any help is appreciated.

Kapardhi Chittella

Yes we do have solution. Feel free to book a meeting on tomorrow